Balance of real estate in Portugal

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Balance of real estate in Portugal

House prices have been recovering at a faster rate than in other European countries, averaging 5% per year. This recovery in housing prices in Portugal has started to increase in recent years due to the growing economy, high international investment and the growing imbalance between demand and supply shortages. The housing market is still very strong, given that demand continues to surpass supply, resulting in a shortage of properties for sale.

It is in the Portuguese capital that houses are more expensive. In fact, says the statistics agency that in the city of Lisbon there are five parishes with median values ​​above 3,500 euros per square meter. According to INE, the median price of housing remained above the national value in the Algarve (1,500 euros / m2), Lisbon Metropolitan Area (1,318 euros / m2) and the Autonomous Region of Madeira (1,203 euros / m2).

The Portuguese capital presents unique qualities to attract investment, with a low crime rate, lots of sun, excellent quality of life, and generous rates of return.
The historical center is the most sought after by foreigners, since it contains luxury apartments at half the price of other European capitals.
Being the capital and also the economic engine of the country, Lisbon remains attractive to many investors. With increasing prominence of Chinese, Brazilian, South African, Russian, Turkish and European buyers such as France and the United Kingdom. Good infrastructures and air connections combined with the dissemination of the tourist attractions of this secular city full of charm, life and modernity have contributed greatly to maintaining interest in Lisbon.

The Algarve is an area of ​​great urban dynamism. The English, French, Germans and Dutch are large purchasers of apartments and houses in this area to enjoy the retirement and holidays, with the crisis they suffered in their own country, they have invested in this area to enjoy a higher standard of living compared to their countries of origin.

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